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Powerful, directive, inspirational and straight to the point; "Practical Principles For Successful Living" offers a plain and simple prescription for management and leadership development that can be applies by professionals in any field of endeavor. If these principles are mentally and emotionally embraced and acted upon, success in the professional arena, as well as in life, is a foregone conclusion. Reverend Marcus made it clear.

Cordell Richardson, PHD - Director, Judicial Affairs,

Certified Life Coach, Howard University, Washington, D.C.

This is a very powerful message that will change lives of people that take on the challenge of living it. As leaders and managers, these are excellent principles for mentoring team members for professional development and advancement. Marcus has woven various passages from Scripture to make key points. I think the summary checklists are very powerful instructions on "how to".

Daniel J. Phelan - Senior Advisor to the CEO, GlaxoSmithKline, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reverend Marcus encourages us to have thinking that is focused on the positive and not the negative. Positive beliefs built on biblical truth that will enable us to achieve great things with the help of God. Greatness is inside of you and as you read this book you will be guided in a manner that will enable that greatness to manifest in all that you do. The best is yet to be and I am grateful for this volume for it will enable many to achieve great things with the help of the Lord.

Reverend Dr. Marsha Brown Woodard - Lecturer, in Christian Ministries and Academic Advisor, Palmer Theological Seminary, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

"Practical Principles for Successful Living" challenges the reader to a more meaningful and successful life using insightful strategies that "Success is not automatic, but purposeful". To this intent Pastor Marcus presents a clear path, and if used, will derive tremendous benefits.

W.P. Pierre - Pastor, St. James Baptist Church,

 Beverly, New Jersey

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